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Name of the item:

Application for enrollment in international schools

Executive department:

International Cooperation and Exchange Department, Shanghai Municipal Education Commission


Room 3322, 100 Dagu Road

Time for application:

9:00-11:30 am every Wednesday (legal holidays excluded)

Time limit for application:

Applicants will receive a reply within 5 working days on the condition that all the required materials are presented.

Scope for application:

1. Children of foreign nationals with foreign passports who are working in Shanghai through legal means and have been granted Employment Permission and Residential Permit for foreigners.

2. Children of those with Chinese passport who return to Shanghai to work after living abroad for long and been granted overseas permanent residence. Children who apply to enroll in international schools should live and study abroad for at least 2 years continuously.

Materials to provide:

1. Written application by parents including reasons, name of the children, gender, date of birth, proposed school, grade, signature of parents, telephone, etc.

2. Parents’ employment certificates in China (which include employee’s name, date of birth, position, period of employment, registration name of the employer, address, telephone, the signature of the executive and seal of the employer) together with the copy of employer’s business license.

3. Valid ID of the children who apply for the enrollment and the applicants, original document and copies of passports and permanent residence (Green Card)

4. Residential permission in Shanghai; Household Registration Record or property ownership certificate or rental contracts of residence in Shanghai

5. Documentary evidence of the family relationship between the applicant and the children who apply for the enrollment (such as Household Registration Record, Birth Certificate, etc.)