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Run a school possessing soul and faith

——Introduction to the experimental primary school attached to Fengxian Teachers College of Education

The experimental primary school attached to Fengxian Teachers College of Education, was founded in September 2007, located in the Shanghai Metro South Bridge, housing 1454 students and 90 teachers. With the conception of "create beautiful life color for each child", the school is committed to developing a curriculum based on children. School curriculum is the child's curriculum, is supposed to meet the needs of children, ignite the child's dream, and promote the healthy and comprehensive development of children.

Schools give full play to the young pioneers in team building course, let the team members striving for their own positions, hiring their own counselors, and organizing their own activities. The every day sun sports activities help children to build their body: fan exercise, collective dance, and gratitude gymnastics offer them various options, rope skipping, walking on stilts, creating games provide them endless joy.

The "energy sixty points" course on every Friday afternoon offers students an independent opportunity to choose courses and teachers. School has developed ballet, diabolo, chess, skating and other 70 kinds of curriculums courses and at the same time employed after-school counselors, family members of students and teachers as instructors. Among them, martial arts, swimming, painting, children's dance, badminton and other projects have become the school's characteristics. Every day "330 community activity" is especially the stage where students develop their expertise and show their personality.

The festival activity based on school’s characteristic, such as Thanksgiving Day, natural Festival, art festival, Labor Day, Reading Festival, the game festival is a broad platform for students to participate and experience. The school also actively carried out the Week activities with a discipline theme, so that children can carry out research, design project, and display style. At the same time, the school set up a four ceremony education courses, such as the entrance ceremony for grade one students, the initiation ceremony for the second grade and ten collective Birthday Ceremony for grade three, graduation ceremony for grade five, letting students experience growth. These activities are to let the children learning in the play, experience in the play, and grow in the play.

In addition, the school has set up eighteen out of school education bases. Children can go into the social class to learn industrial production, agricultural production, military affairs and business affairs. The school owns a "Happy Garden", which belongs to every class in the form of responsibility cropland, where children can harvest happiness in the practice of seeding, fertilizing and harvesting and selling vegetables. Independent holiday activity enables different families to gather together to do their part and offer a caring to the community. School actively exerts the parent's resources, so that children can follow their parents to go to work, experiencing different occupations and skills initially.

Rich and colorful school based curriculum activities give children unusual experience, and add a bright color to their primary school life. The development of school is the development of students. The students of the experimental primary school attached to Fengxian Teachers College of Education show a vigorous vitality and personality in the "green sun" characteristic curriculum. At present, school has been awarded the national advanced unit in education system, the excellent parent school, national advanced scientific research group, city civilization unit, city of new high school, first-class quality school of district level and etc. It establishes alliance resources united with other schools, and plays a leading role in district and even the whole city. Shanghai TV station, Shanghai Education Television, Fengxian TV, Wen Wei Po, Shanghai Education, and etc. have made special reports in succession, all of which will encourage the sustainable development of this school.