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Well-informed and refined·Elegant and graceful

——Introduction to South Bridge Primary School in Fengxian district of Shanghai

South Bridge Primary School was founded in 1804, called Wenyou academy then. From 1904 Wenyou school to 1914 the second high school in Fengxian County, and then 1928 South Bridge Primary School, it has passed through more than 200 years of history. In 2013, the setting up of Heng Hsien campus——a branch of South Bridge primary school marked another milestone in the history of South Bridge Primary School, and laid the foundation for the education development of Metro.

There exist 40 classes in two campuses, 1491 students, 121 teachers, covering an area of about 116000 square meters. It has complete teaching facilities, in addition to the traditional computer room, art room, natural room and etc. special classrooms, recording and broadcasting room, radio room, indoor stadium, innovation lab, pottery room and etc. special places are also housed; it has reasonable layout, including teaching, movement, living and administrative regions.

For hundreds of years, the teachers and students in South Bridge Primary School has been handing on the traditional spirit of “respect, cautiousness and diligence” from generation to generation, and continuous innovating its own characteristic in cultural inheritance of “the unity of academy and ethics, the combination of moral and talent”, ultimately created the school brand which is characterized by art education and traditional campus culture. It integrated curriculum so that teachers and students can “supply morality with art, enlighten knowledge with art, and build body with art”, highlight the cultivation of personality, giving the child the happiest childhood, a solid start of life.

In terms of campus environment, the cultural environment reflects the school culture and art characteristics. Through the design of elegant garden, art galleries, harmonious wall and leisure pavilion, create rich art atmosphere at campus where the children stay and enjoy a silent influence of art.

In the construction of course, the school spares no efforts to build the curriculum system with the characteristics of art, and actively carry out the rich and colorful art activities for all students, and gradually make it standardized and institutionalized, forming an elegant art of campus life.

In the community construction, the school pays great attention to the construction of school choir, dance troupe, marching band, the drum, the rhyme of black and white, creative paper folding, maintaining the characteristics and at the same time striving to be a brand. Further deepen the "classical Chinese reading project", "the deductive Engineering of classic textbook-based drama", "classic art appreciate and exhibition" project, so as to lay a solid foundation for the healthy development of students' personality.

Through hundreds of years of trials and hardships and the struggle of teachers and students, the school obtained the remarkable artistic education achievement, and has been rated as advanced collective of national arts education, arts education school with characteristics in Shanghai. "The little drummer boy", "creative paper folding", "the rhyme of black and white", “children’s chorus", and "a beautiful peacock" and etc. projects were rated as district featured items.