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Practice "active education" based on the new countryside

----A brief introduction to Shanghai Fengxian ZhuangHang kindergarten

Zhuanghang kindergarten is located in the zhuanghang town Fengxian District, Shanghai, which is a full-time public kindergarten run by the Department of education, and was founded in 1984. It became the first batch of pilot garden in 1990, the first rural top class primary school in 1993, Chen Heqin educational thought experimental base in 1997, and in May 2014 passed the city level kindergarten re-inspection. Over the years it has been awarded various honor titles such as the Shanghai green unit, Shanghai “twelve five” private tutor guidance base, civilization unit in Fengxian District, excellent parents school in Fengxian District, excellent science and research school in Fengxian District, excellent informatization school in Fengxian District, course quality award in Fengxian District, outstanding teaching and research group in Fengxian District and etc..

At present, the school has 9 classes. It has always been based on the actual situation, and actively uphold Chen Heqin's education ideas, running the school with the education philosophy "all for children" of Chen Heqin. According to Chen Heqin's curriculum ideas "nature and society is a living textbook", the school continuously optimize the rural education environment, choose education environment and material that suitable for the children and rich in value, expand the curriculum content, take children out of the garden gate, into the nature, so that children in the natural environment are able to obtain happiness and experience, and thus formed a setting of using rural resources, and highlighting local cultural characteristics. In years of practice, inheritance and development, the school gradually formed its own features and style.

In the future, Zhuanghang kindergarten will continue to be guided by Chen Heqin’s "living education" thinking, and adhere to the development of rural characteristics kindergarten oriented to scientization, popularization, and localization.