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Main responsibilities:

Comprehensively coordinate the important government affairs in education Bureau; be responsible for the writing of educational career development planning, work plans, summary of the work and all kinds of comprehensive presentations; take charge of the supervision, information management, secretarial, archives, all kinds of education statistics report, written opinions of the deputy to the National People's Congress, CPPCC proposals and other confidential work; be responsible for the Bureau security work, health, asset management and daily administrative affairs.

Person in charge: Zhu Wei position: Office Director

Contact phone: 021-37597001

Organization and personnel department

Main responsibilities:

In accordance with the cadre management authority and policy of the party, take charge of the training, selection, appointment, evaluation, incentives and other works of the subordinate units; be responsible for the construction of grass-roots party organizations, and the Party members’ training, development and education; implement the policy towards the United Front, intellectuals and management work of retired cadres; make plan of the construction work of teachers in this area, guide school to carry out the reform of personnel management work, improve the overall quality of the teachers; be responsible for the approved staffing and technical positions to strengthen the allocation of teachers, staff wages and benefits management; formulate the methods of teacher recruitment, talent exchange, teachers professional titles and teacher training and strengthen its guidance, supervision and management ability; formulate regulation and measures of recognition, reward toward outstanding educators and organize the implementation; be responsible for the management of personnel files of cadres; coordinate and manage personnel exchange work in Educational Service Center.

Person in charge: Yuan Junhui position: section chief

Contact phone: 021-37597039

Basic Education Department

Main responsibilities:

Draw up the basic education development plan and the annual plan, manage the basic education work; guide and inspect the education and teaching management of primary and secondary school, study, develop and implement the enrollment, entrance and examination method of primary and secondary school, strengthening coordination and supervision; guide and manage the moral education, sports, art education, health care, national defense education, campus culture construction and popular science work in school. Be responsible for the overall management of all kinds of competitions, school roll of primary and secondary school students, the issue of teaching materials, books, educational science research, special education and other works; undertake the work of the office of the District Committee of language and writing, the District Commission for youth protection.

Person in charge: Zhu Yinlian position: section chief

Contact phone: 021-37597021

Department of preschool education

Main responsibilities:

Take charge of the overall planning and management in the area of early childhood education and private education, guide and inspect their education and management work, strengthen the coordination and supervision toward preschool education and private education in this area, regulate the running behavior of kindergarten and private school, manage the enrollment work of kindergarten, and undertake the work of district childcare office.

Person in charge: Zhao Yinfeng: position: section chief

Contact phone: 021-37597052

Vocational education and adult education

Main responsibilities:

Develop the vocational education and adult education development plan, the annual plan and enrollment plan, guide and manage the vocational education and adult education work, coordinate and deal with the major issues of vocational education and adult education reform and development; be responsible for the management of school roll of vocational education and adult education as well as the training base construction; be responsible for the examination and approval work toward non-governmental sectors in this area; strengthen the guidance and evaluation of adult amateur education; undertake the District Adult Education committee work.

Person in charge: Zhang Peiliang position: section chief

Contact phone: 021-37597026

Propaganda Department

Main responsibilities:

Be responsible for the publicity and education of educational reform and development situation; take charge of the spiritual civilization construction, teachers' professional ethics education, Party education and other propaganda work; guide the theoretical learning and political learning of cadres and faculty; organize and develop the learning, advocacy, popularization and training of Education Specialty and other laws and regulations.

Person in charge: Zhang Zhulin position: section chief

Contact phone: 021-37597027

The inspection of law enforcement

Main responsibilities:

Be responsible for the discipline inspection and supervision work, and assist the bureau Party committee to complete the construction of the Party conduct and of an honest and clean government and political morals supervision work of Party members and cadres; accept the complaints and appeals of party members, and investigate and deal with disciplinary cases of Party members and cadres in conjunction with the relevant departments; take charge of petition letters and administrative reconsideration, administrative litigation, administrative compensation cases put forward by the education administrative departments; be responsible for the guidance and coordination of the legal issues involved.

Person in charge: Xu Haiyan position: section chief

Contact phone: 021-37597032

Finance planning department

Main responsibilities:

Be responsible for the preparation of budget and final account and financial analysis; guide the grass-roots financial and general affairs; formulate the layout and structure adjustment plan of all types of schools at all levels and organize the implementation; take charge of multiple channels raising funds for education and inspecting and supervising the student fees and administrative charges; plan and guide the construction and management of school buildings and equipment; be responsible for the Bureau of Finance and management work of financial settlement center; take charge of the regular audit and supervision toward the usage of the education funding, budget income, special funds, key construction projects and the projects in progress.

Person in charge: Tang Yuelian position: section chief

Contact phone: 021-37597070