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The Education Bureau of Fengxian District is the functional department of the people's Government of Fengxian District in charging of the education work of the whole region.

Main responsibilities:

Implement the guidelines, policies, laws and regulations of the state and the relevant educational work of this municipality;study and draw up the provisions, opinions, measures and relevant policies of the education work in this region, and organize the implementation work.

According to the overall planning of Fengxian national economy and social development, study and formulate the education development plan and the annual plan of this district and organize the implementation work.

Be responsible for the administrative management of kindergartens, primary schools, secondary schools, secondary vocational and technical schools, adult education schools and other educational institutions in this area. Arrange, plan, coordinate, and guide the education system, school system and the comprehensive reform of education and teaching in this region.

Formulate the enrollment plan and approach of various types of schools at all levels. Strengthen guidance, coordination and supervision.

Implement the principles, policies and regulations of the state and the municipality concerning educational fund, educational appropriation, educational infrastructure investment, and participate in the budgeting of the education, co-ordinate arrange and manage all kinds of educational funds.

Take charge of the assessment and appointment of leading cadres of various schools according to the cadre management authority and procedures.

Plan as a whole and be responsible for the construction work of all kinds of teachers and educational administrative cadres with professional ethics as the core; approve the school authorized strength, strengthen the management of staff wages and benefits, formulate the methods of teachers’ qualification recognition, education personnel exchanges, employment for professional and technical personnel, and training of teachers and cadres in this district and strengthen guidance; set out the regulation of the honor and award work toward outstanding education workers and organize the implementation.

Guide the ideological and political education, moral education, teaching, sports and health, aesthetic education, technical education and national defense education of various types of school; plan and guide the spiritual civilization construction of education system; coordinate the community educational work; coordinate with relevant departments to protect underage students' physical and mental health, guarantee the legitimate rights and interests of minor students.

Macro control school facilities in this district, and guide the logistics management reform, school environmental management and safety work; develop school-based industry.

Organize educational supervision and evaluation work to improve the quality of school running.

Plan and guide the educational informationization and educational research in this area, and promote the results of educational research, thus improve the efficiency of school running.

Formulate management measures to strengthen the audit and supervision of the schools running by social forces, schools of migrant children, and guide the organization of related community.

Authorized by the District People's Government, undertake the daily work of the Adult Education Committee, childcare office, Youth Protection Committee, Language Work Committee, migrant children schools management office, government supervision office of education in this district.

Be responsible for International Education Exchange and cooperation work.

Undertake other matters assigned by the district government.

Address: No. 758, Gu Hua Road, Nanqiao county, Fengxian District in Shanghai

Phone: 021-37597001

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Supervisory Telephone: 37597033

Working hours: 8:30-11:30 am; 14:00-17:00 p.m. Monday to Friday