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Educational feature is outstanding in Fengxian science and technology innovation. In late May, five eighth grade students in Huixian high school entered the final of 2015 DI global teenagers innovative thinking competition held in the University of Tennessee in the United States, on behalf of the Chinese division competition team. They performed excellent and made themselves standing out from the rest 88 team from around the world, winning the first prize of the junior group.

In the morning on June 3rd, an interview delegation of Shanghai mainstream media including the Liberation Daily, Wen Wei Po, Xinmin Evening News, Morning News, Shanghai Education News, Oriental Education times and etc. came to Fengxian District to interview the Fengxian education comprehensive reform experiment and regional education transformation. The interviewing group fully affirmed the active exploration of Fengxian, based on experiments in comprehensive education reform and had a strong interest in the new ideas and initiatives of Fengxian education comprehensive reform. They would have a in-depth understanding to Fengxian education, which adhere to the goal orientation of "natural, vital, and nourished" quality education zone of South of Shanghai, adhere to the development strategy of "open education, endogenous development, humanity leading, high and balanced quality", adhere to the "overall planning, step-by-step implementation, administrative power assist, activation grassroots work strategy”, and would like to brainstorming for Fengxian education comprehensive reform experiment.

On June 24th, the "cross-strait integration, exchanges and cooperation, a pulse transmission, creative future" Shanghai and Taiwan cross-strait cultural and educational exchange activities was held in the experimental primary school attached to Fengxian Teachers College of Education, which was organized by the people's Government of the Taiwan Affairs Office in Fengxian District, District Education Bureau, Taipei City exchanges in culture and Education Development Association, and hosted by experimental primary school attached to Fengxian Teachers College of Education and Taipei Jian’an elementary school. The delegation group consisting of a total of 49 teachers, students and parents of Taipei Jian’an elementary school gleefully visited the happy garden of the experimental primary school, experienced the "intelligent robot", "version marks imprint", "propylene creativity”, and “colorful paper art house" and etc. special curriculums. They signed a letter of intent of the intercollegiate exchanges and cooperation, setting up a bridge of friendship.

On June 30th, after a period of 10 days of closed-door training, 46 young management cadres from district education system completed their course in the Education Department of East China Normal University, the school principal training center. Member of Bureau Party committee He Yile, on behalf of the Education Bureau of Ministry of education, expressed gratitude to the middle school principal training center for their careful training organization, and wished the students would take this training as a starting point, going smoothly on their development of undertakings. Deputy director of the Ministry of education high school principal training center, professor Shen Yushun put forward three ardent hopes to the students, one is to grasp the fundamental task of "morality education", grasp the direction of educational development, personally practice to be a "Four Haves" teacher; the second is to develop a good professional habit, that is diligent in learning, good at thinking, swift in action, be a education practitioner; the third is to accurately position the role, continuously upgrade quality management ability, enhance the implementation of force, and exert creativity, so as to finish all kinds of tasks with high quality.

The 46 young management cadres are selected through the strict written examination, forum interview and etc. They are representatives of the outstanding youth backbone teacher of Fengxian education system.

Walk the red trail, and inherit the revolutionary spirit. From July 1st to 4th, Fengxian District Education Bureau organized student representatives to visit the revolutionary sites Jinggang Mountains, carry out the "Red Tour" summer camp. Jinggang Mountains witness the immortal history, tell the glorious revolution years. Bearing reverence, children began to understand the history of revolution and red culture, pay homage to the loyal heroes, feel the hardships of the revolution, listen to the thunder of guns, and find the revolutionary spirit root of Chinese Communist Party.

Optimize management to improve the quality and promote the comprehensive reform of regional education. From July 8th to 11th, the 2015 summer training course of the party and government responsible cadres was held in school of continuing education, Shanghai Jiao Tong University. Various famous scholars and professors including Xiong Binqi, Zhou Bin, Li Chengchen, Chenyi, Wang Shiquan and etc. had given speeches successively named as "China's middle and primary education reform probe", "decision making and Implementation: school management thinking and outlet," “the shaping of the charismatic leadership", "education management and teachers' literacy -- to teach people with method, to educate people with morality", and "the media relations and crisis management in information leading age" seminars, all the trainees were grouped and interactively communicated the school management and development. In the graduation ceremony, the vice mayor Ni Minjing made the lecture let innovation become the core elements of a school culture, and pointed out that in the era of Internet "+", as managers of the basic education, our task is to make the innovation become the core elements of the culture of the school, and achieve the joint development of students and schools; Director Shi Wenlong said: through training, the party and government responsible cadres of education system further improve the scientific management ability, wise staffing ability and authority and responsibility consciousness, and enhance the management level; achieve the transformation of Fengxian education and the development of improving their own quality.

Express patriotic feeling, and be a virtuous teenager. In the summer holiday, the Office of the minor protection committee, office of justice and Siqi center in Nanqiao town held listen to mom about the past things -- you and I work together to raise concern about growth, seek red roots parent-child activities in summer of 2015, more than a dozen special poor students and family in Southbridge, accompanied by social workers participated in the activity, acquaint the Anti Japanese heroes in Fengxian, cherished the memory of the revolutionary martyrs who devoted their lives for the national survival. Xidu community organized the "happy childhood I am a small baker" activity, invited the young people within the jurisdiction to come and make biscuits, experiencing the fun of producing and sharing. China National Committee for The Wellbeing of The Youth of Zhuanghang town, the Office of the minor protection committee, and Family Planning Office organized 20 poor family students to participate in the "visit Fengjing in one day" activity in the summer, visited many landscapes hidden in the depths of the ancient town, and acquainted the local customs and historical figures as well. Working committee on women of Gimhae community, the Office of the minor protection committee united with " Liang Weiping studio Gimhae community " launched a children interest-oriented Shanghai Opera class, the national level, well-known artist Lv Xianli, national second-class actor Mr. Li Jianhua and inheritor of Huai opera excerpts Xu group Jing Lanying taught children professional knowledge by themselves, training promising youth in Shanghai opera. The Office of the minor protection committee, and Family Planning Office organized a vivid lecture about puberty knowledge, so that the majority of students become more aware of related knowledge of the youth and health, and therefore understand how to cherish the body and protect themselves.