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Natural, vital, and nourished

High-quality education zone in south of Shanghai

Fengxian is located in the south of Shanghai, overlooking Hangzhou bay to the south, and Huangpu River to the north. Tradition has it that Yanyan, one of Confucius' disciples, discoursed on an academic subject in QingXi (now Qingcun town). People of the time thus named the place “Fengxian”, in which “feng” means piously worship and “xian” the person of virtue. It is known as “worship of cultural education and a land of civilization". During the "Twelfth Five Year Plan" period, Fengxian seized the favorable opportunity of the development of Nanqiao, highlighted the "Yin culture" in the whole education, built quality education of south Shanghai, and strived to achieve the historical transition by "catch up" to "cross over". Through various measures such as the standardization of school construction, school safety engineering program, the introduction of high-quality resources of the center city, it improved the overall quality of regional education resources. There are more than 230 educational institutions of all levels in the region (including 9 colleges and universities). It effectively implemented the "action plan of preschool education for three years”, and ranked the highest on the overall level of the outskirts, awarded the title of "advanced region of national pre-school education”; besides, it actively promoted the construction of resources alliance of compulsory education A+X, gradually narrowed the gap of school level between urban and rural compulsory education, and was listed as one of the 100 pilot counties of "the development of standard research" of national compulsory education; started the “optimization of high school” project, established "124" serial pair alliance, resulting in the above average level of high school education; relied on Fengxian secondary occupation education organize a regional group, so as to form a secondary occupation education mode of employment oriented, combined with higher occupation education, won the "national advanced unit" title on the community college vocational education; perfected the lifelong education system depending on the construction system of community colleges, entitled the "national community education experimentation area" title.

During the "thirteen five" plan year, Fengxian education will fully implement the medium and long term educational reform and development plan, focus on the overall goal of taking the lead in realizing the modernization of education, center on the general requirements of Shanghai comprehensive education reform, aim to meet people's satisfaction in education, and built quality education in south of Shanghai, adhere to the value orientation of "natural, vital, and nourished” education zone, the development strategy of "open education, endogenous development, humanity leading, high and balanced quality ", the working strategy of " overall planning, step-by-step implementation, administrative power assist, activation of grassroots”. Achieve breakthrough mainly in the following six aspects:

One is the regional education management system reform. Perfect the work mechanism of regional synergy promoting education, construct the development force, and improve the level of education administration and service.

Second is to build the overall educational mode. Insist on morality education. Promote education teaching reform in moral education, course teaching, and physical, hygiene, health and arts education, advance the "humanities possess moral education project", "humanities classroom teaching reform project" and "colorful growth" student development projects, so as to form the overall educational pattern which represents Fengxian’s "xian culture" and its high efficiency.

Three is to promote the integration of urban and rural education development. Optimize the allocation of education resources, promote balanced development of the education quality in the urban and rural areas, advance the school district, and the collectivization of running a school, accelerate the development of the diverse characteristics of average high school, the innovation of vocational education, and lifelong learning.

Four is to explore the construction of modern school. Explore the modern school management system, promote school management and education teaching reform under the environment of informatization, and innovative talent training mechanism.

Fifth is to innovate the construction of education team. Build the system of scientific recruitment and orderly flow of faculty employment, deepen the ethics construction of teachers, innovate the introduction and cultivation work of education talent, and perfect the incentive system in education team.

Six is to perfect the education evaluation system. Improve students’ evaluation and the school work evaluation, and set up humanistic orientated evaluation mechanism of regional education development.

In the future, we will actively respond to the concerns about quality education of the masses of people and practice education responsibilities, unswervingly deepen education reform, promote the Fengxian education transformation from the development of resource extent and the quality of education to the quality development, build the "natural, vital, and nourished" education quality zone in south of Shanghai, thus contribute positively to Shanghai’s pathfinder, demonstrator and leader role playing in national education reform.